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Why you might want to wrap your car key fob in foil (or just buy one of our Key Fob Pouches)

You might have seen this article floating around this weekend on Facebook and Twitter that was published by USA TODAY. Wrap your key fob in tin foil? Why would I ever want to do that? Because while your car is sitting there in the parking lot, it is quietly waiting for the signal from your key fob. And thieves can easily buy devices that amplify the signal from your fob – making stealing your signal (and your car) much easier than you would ever think.

Select Fabricators’ Select-A-Shield RF shielded key fob pouches are designed to prevent wireless entry devices from sending or receiving signals as well as securing device information. These small, flexible “Faraday cage” bags are increasingly being used by rental car companies, replacement remote key manufacturers, and car owners to isolate wireless remote keys from RF access. With the rise in theft reports of keyless entry vehicles, this small pouch is a convenient security deterrent against criminals trying to communicate with a wireless car starter or entry device.

Placing a wireless electronic key in a Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouch prevents the device from sending Radio Frequency (RF) signals to the vehicle’s electrical ignition and entry systems. Once the wireless device is blocked from sending signals, attackers cannot communicate with the device and gain access codes and entry to the vehicle.

Select-A-Shield RF isolation bags are made of highly conductive metalized fabric which forms a “Faraday cage”.

Field tests have shown 99.99% average signal attenuation.

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Select Fabricators’ Faraday cage key fob pouch specifications

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