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Project Description: This test report provides comparison testing data between applying a single and double layer of Nova Select Wallpaper to fabricate an RF/Microwave shielding environment. The wooden/drywall box used for testing the single layer fabric application was completely covered in a second layer of Nova Select Wallpaper and all seams were taped using 2” W Nova Select tape with conductive adhesive.

Shield Effectiveness Testing Setup: The enclosure was modified to include an aluminum IO plate in the left wall to allow integration of a 120VAC power line filter rated for 100 dB from 100 kHz to 40 GHz.

Results: The graph below provides the shielding effectiveness performance of the single and double layer
wallpaper construction on the test enclosure.

RF Wallpaper

Project Conclusion: The test data provided above is showing the potential RF attenuation of a room lined with a single layer and a double layer of Nova Select Wallpaper with all penetrations including the door, AC power lines and HVAC system properly RF shielded and filtered to provide a reasonable level of shielding performance. Any gaps in the enclosure system will degrade the performance. A shielding level of 50 dB equates to an attenuation percentage of 99.68% and 60dB equates to 99.9%. Increasing the shielding level to 90 dB provides an attenuation percentage of 99.9968%. In many cases, a shielding level of 50 to 60 dB is more than enough to reduce unwanted RFI/EMI from the area affected by the interference or signal penetration. Adding a second layer of Nova Select Wallpaper does prove to significantly increase the shielding effectiveness of an enclosure between 2 to 14 GHz.

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