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V2X Developers: You Need Shielding

V2X, or “Vehicle to Everything” communication, has been around since the 1970s. However, it has only recently begun to gain traction due to the growing demand for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) in the transportation industry.

Implementing this technology will lead to fewer accidents and safer driving conditions for both drivers and passengers, potentially saving many lives. According to Przemysław Krokosz, an edge and embedded technology expert at Mobica, “The implementation of only two V2X safety features in our cars could prevent up to 615,000 crashes and save up to 1,366 lives per year” (ITS International). While this is a significant benefit to society, for a product like this to truly be mandated, its developers will need to ensure it is safe and reliable for the transportation industry.

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To do this, these developers will need a controlled environment to perform this conformance testing- Which is where we come in. We have a wide range of quality RF/EMI shielded enclosures that can make certain testing is consistent and safe. Our RF/EMI shielded enclosures and tents will be critical in containing and blocking frequencies, in addition to working out any bugs in the technology before it hits the market.

Not only is testing the technology in a safe environment a priority, but finding a large enough space to perform testing in is just as important. At Select Fabricators, we have created enclosures in the past (see photo below) that are 5000-10,000 sq ft.

This allows testers to drive a vehicle into the testing area with ample space for not only the vehicle, but the humans testing it as well to record the data they are testing, assuring accuracy and convenience. While the largest tent we have manufactured thus far was 10,000 sq ft., with our expert sewers and design team, any custom size request is possible.

It is inevitable that RF/EMI shielding will be necessary for the eventual implementation and mandating of V2X in all vehicles, but developers will need a controlled environment to do so. With Select Fabricators, testing even the largest of vehicles with the highest levels of shielding is possible. If you or someone you know is interested, fill out a custom enclosure form Custom Enclosure Request to start testing quickly and effectively.

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