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How to be Test Enclosure Ready for the Unexpected – Reusable, Reliable & Easy to Setup

Do you need to:

  • scan for EMI problems prior to pre-compliance testing?
  • isolate Wi-Fi, but don’t have the permanent space for a screen room?
  • work on a project with the need for secrecy, either for patent or security requirements, or
  • set up an RF test in a ½ hour?

These are just a few of the design process issues that can stall a product when a commercial lab isn’t available or the tabletop test enclosure can’t hold all the equipment as well as the unit under test. For short term or multi-location needs, pop-up enclosures are easy to use and can be stored or transported as needed.

Select Fabricators’ Series 100 tents are an example of a pop-up RF test enclosure. A simple instant frame can be raised in under 15 minutes with the tent enclosure installed within another 15-20 minutes using quick release clips.  Tent operation needs to be simple to accommodate all kinds of technicians, for example, the Series 100 tents use a single magnet door, US patent no. 9,029,714, that easily mates magnet to magnet for an RF tight seal. The shielded floor is encased heavy plastic for protection.

Both the enclosure and frame are stored or transported in durable ridged walled totes. Popular sizes include:

  • 4’ x 4’ x 6.5’H
  • 7’ x 7’ x 6.5’H
  • 9’ x 9’x 6.5’

Current needs for IOT device testing and 5G testing often need to control for ambient Wi-Fi signals that are now standard throughout electronics facilities.  Nova Select™ acrylic coated Ag/Cu/Ni conductive fabric allows for the level of attenuation which is important for wireless communications testing. Series 100 tent enclosures provide shielding effectiveness:

  • -85 – 90 dB average from 150 KHz to 20 GHZ
  • -60 dB at 40 GHZ

The design of the instant test enclosure is straightforward. Built-in ventilation, filtering and I/O plates make the test environment ready on demand.  As applications and products to meet the needs of IOT and 5G need to be tested in shortening design cycles, having an on-site, instant testing enclosure helps avoid some of the design roadblocks.

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