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Last week, April 30th-May 2nd, we participated in the Modern Day Marine Tradeshow in Washington, D.C. where we showed our products to visitors in one of our key industries, Government Defense.

Among our showcased products was our RF Shielded Inflatable Tent, which quickly became the focal point of our booth. Its easy setup process and high level of shielding effectiveness captured the attention of attendees, demonstrating our commitment to functionality and top-tier protection.

We believe in offering our customers a hands-on experience, which is why we invited interested individuals to step into our Inflatable RF/EMI Shielded Tent and put their cell service to the test. The positive feedback from visitors, including fellow vendors and potential clients, proved the effectiveness of our shielding solutions.

In addition to the RF Shielded Inflatable Tent, our RF/EMI Shielded Wallpaper also made a significant impact. Showcasing our technology at expositions aimed towards the Defense community continues to be a rewarding experience as we can educate those unaware of our capabilities and receive feedback from existing customers to improve research and development efforts.

We are looking forward to returning next year to connect with even more of you. Until then, we remain dedicated to delivering the highest levels of RF shielding to meet your needs.

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