RF Security for Digital Forensics

Collect and extract data in an RF Secure Forensic Pouch or Tent

Digital Forensics in any criminal and civil cases turn on digital evidence for — computer files, emails, instant messages, stored notes, social media, location data, and images. Evidence comes from computers as well phones, drones, GPS devices, even smart watches.

How and by whom this evidence is collected, examined and handled can affect its admissibility in court – and can make or break a case.

Without appropriate containment, a device can establish a network/cellular connection resulting in corruption of existing data, transmission of new data, and possibly overwriting evidence. To prevent a connection, mobile devices should be transported and examined within a mobile forensics shielded enclosure.

Select Fabricators’ Forensic RF isolation tents, bags, and patented USB Forensic Pouches deliver an average shielded effectiveness of over -90dB, to help protect seized data in the field and preserve the chain of evidence.

RF/EMI Shielded Forensic Pouches