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RF Shielding Surveillance Tent Shown on Showtime’s Homeland

For anyone whom might have been watching Season 7 of Homeland on Showtime, you might have noticed an interesting surveillance tent in episode 11 titled “All In” that is similar in function to Select Fabricators’ High Attenuation RF Shielding Tents and Enclosures.  Last night we saw the show’s main characters land in Moscow as they were being watched by the Russian’s intelligence team. While the Russians are watching the Americans’ every move, Saul and Carrie quickly set up a RF shielding surveillance / security tent in their hotel room to protect their team and information in the hostile environment.

You can see in the video how this portable tent easily can be set up in a hotel room and create a mobile secure communication enclosure that fits the four team members, desks, and computer equipment that they need to protect. Similar to SFI’s portable RF shielding tents, these enclosures are designed to avert electronic eavesdropping of RF emissions from computer and communications equipment, and prove to be very useful in the field.

SFI’s portable RF shielding tents are IEEE® 299 tested and made with NovaSelect™ conductive silver/copper/nickel fabric in order to provide the highest levels of attenuation for our customers. Our patented double-walled door designs (US Pat. Nos. 9,029,714 / 8,530,756) ensure that our customer’s vital information remains in only their hands.

RF Shielding Portable Tent for Secure Communications

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