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RF shielding covers for electronics equipment racks… yeah, we do that.

Electronics Equipment Racking is widely used in server rooms, telecom data switch and warehouse centers, product development labs, and more. RF interference in these densely packed equipment rooms can be problematic for some applications. RF isolation can also be a challenge, particularly when conducting product development testing in a room full of racks of electronics and mobile devices.

To provide RF shielding for electronics equipment racks, engineers can utilize RF shielding fabric rack covers. These shielded rack enclosures are designed to slip over racking systems, providing RF attenuation for the equipment and reducing interference from the ambient environment as well as from adjacent racks. These rack covers can be designed with sealed access doors preventing RF leakage. Individual rack shelves can also be shielded with RF shielded conductive fabric enclosures.

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RF shielding fabric covers are lightweight and easily installed, dismantled, and stored, providing an affordable flexible solution for controlling RF for rack-mounted electronic equipment.

RF shielded rack enclosures can be very simple, or custom designed to include shielded ventilation, air conditioning, power filters, IO cable connectors, and more. These RF shielding rack covers fit standard sized equipment racks or unique sizes.

There are a variety of applications for RF shielded rack covers in product development and quality assurance. In the product development stage, prototype equipment enclosures often do not have the final built-in EMI / RF shielding. Racks of this prototype equipment can generate significant RF emissions that must be contained and isolated from each other. Product development of mobile devices apps often uses racks to house the wide variety of mobile equipment that must be tested to assure functionality. RF shielded rack enclosures prevent outside RF interference assuring the tested equipment is isolated, thus allowing signal sources to be controlled for accurate measurement. These signal sources include cellular/CDMA/LTE base stations, WIFI access points, Bluetooth, network extenders, and GPS.

Select Fabricators’ engineering team will work with you to design RF shielding fabric rack covers or shelf enclosures to meet your specific needs.

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