RF / EMI Shielded Products

Select Fabricators is the premium source for RF / EMI shielded enclosures, EMI curtains, RF shielded boxes, RF shielded tents, and EMI chambers.  Our RF shielding products and engineering services are trusted by government agencies, RF and EMC engineers, military and security contractors, and industrial customers.

Select Fabricators’ patented RF Shielding Enclosures allow customers to customize any size, shielding effectiveness, and options to create a faraday cage that will fit any project budget. The lightweight conductive textile allows customers to maximize important lab/testing space with size customization and portability/storage ability. Pack up and safely store your faraday cage when testing is complete.

Purchase a RF test enclosure that can fit on your desktop or workstation or as large as a full hanger or garage. SFI has completed large-scale modular projects as large as 9,000 square feet and 150 feet in length or 40 feet in height.

SAM & ITAR registered, Select Fabricators is ISO manufacturing compliant and adheres to key strict aerospace and military protocols. All RF Tabletop Enclosures and larger are quality tested in-house using a handheld field measurement unit to measure shielding effectiveness. Each RF / EMI Shielded Enclosure will come with a quality certificate.

Contact us today to discuss with a Sales Engineer on how our RF/EMI Shielding Products can add a versatile faraday cage with high shielding effectiveness to your current RF Test, EMC, or Secure Communications setup. If you do not see something that meets your specific EMI shielding need, do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Lead times vary depending on project size. In stock items usually ship within one week, while larger custom projects can take up to four to ten weeks. Quotes/pricing returned same business day. Finished RF shielded products are Made in the USA in Select Fabricators’ Upstate New York manufacturing facility.

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RF/EMI Shielded Modular Enclosures
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RF/EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures
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