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Select Fabricator’s assigned contracts include RF isolation tents, Mil-Spec packaging, custom RF isolation environments and off-the-shelf signal containment. SELECT uses its design, collaboration, and technical experience and works from specifications in order to produce custom products when necessary. SELECT’s exacting process and attention to detail insures each project will meet the required performance characteristics.

RF EMI Shielded Vestibule in a Select-A-Shield Tent Enclosure


Case Study: Portable high attenuation enclosures.
A subcontractor needed to calibrate radar units in vehicles. Using Select-A-Shield™ portable enclosures, they were able to make adjustments on-site, on-time. The customer told us “The tent is working very well and has helped us a great deal! We need to perform measurements on very sensitive radio astronomy receivers at our labs. Any RFI causes the LNAs to saturate and may even cause damage. Cellular network RFI is the main culprit.”

Made in the USA of US materials, these portable units are used in applications including:

  • Testing environments for research on next-generation security technologies including EmSEC, TEMPEST, IEMI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference) and HEMP (High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse)
  • Isolation of RF signals for government agencies seeking to assist in the prevention of information signal leaks.


RF / EMI shielding

Example: RF curtain enclosed in weather resistant nylon

Case Study: RF Curtains

Select Fabricators was contracted to construct a radar shield for a marine application. Not only did the screen have to protect the unit from RF interference, the shield needed to be waterproof. Select’s sewing designers provided miniature prototypes for testing before constructing the final large scale unit.



RF EMI shielding pouches are available in many sizes and configurations.

Case Study: RFI pouches

An agency needed a small piece of RFI / EMI shielding to ensure the effectiveness of its drones. A small pouch was devised to isolate only the electronics which were vulnerable. Once installed, the unit functioned as designed.


  • Select-A-Shield RFI EMI shielding pouches are designed to isolate wireless devices from receiving or emitting signals.
  • Lightweight and flexible, Select-A-Shield pouches are made to absorb and reflect signals.


Custom ManufacturingCase Study: Mil-Spec Packaging and Custom Bags

A very specialized bag for the aerospace industry required numerous pouches, cavities, pockets, metal identification envelopes and a complex carry strap configuration. Prior to contacting Select, the customer was turned down by other custom manufacturing operations because the job was deemed too complex. With ongoing review by the customer and Select’s quality, production and sewing teams, a design was approved that meet the detailed specifications.

Select Fabricators can source Mil-Spec materials and convert them into specialized bags and containers.

  • Sealed or sewn bag designs depending on requirements
  • Mil Spec polyethylene bags in low minimum, small lots
  • Cleanroom bags in low minimum, small lots

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