RF Isolation Key Fob Pouch For Commercial Use

Select Fabricator’s  RF Isolation Key Fob Pouches Update Auto Dealer Key Storage Boxes for Remote Keyless Entry  (RKE)

Auto dealers have effectively used key storage boxes hung from windows or posts to simplify key management and ease access
for test drives, but the advent of Remote Keyless Entry Systems with proximity key fobs have complicated their use. Select Fabricator’s RKE RF isolation key fob pouches fit easily into existing auto dealer’s key storage boxes preventing proximity key fobs from inadvertently unlocking a car.

Auto dealers who have invested in key storage box units can now continue to effectively use their key management systems. Select’s conductive fabric pouches replace the thin aluminum two-part inserts that can bend and can be difficult to fit into a key storage box. These easy to use, flexible pouches fit into the key storage boxes and work with most vehicle manufacturers’ remote entry key fobs.’

RF Isolation Key Fob Pouch

Select’s RKE Key Fob Pouches work with most key storage boxes including Supra™’s KeyAdvantage, Indigo®, Max and Magnum systems, as well as other key management boxes. Contact Select Fabricators’ engineering department to discuss your specific key storage system.

Select Fabricators’ RKE Key Fob Pouches can be customized and labeled with dealer’s names and logos and given to customers to enhance proximity key fob security.

Select Fabricators offers two sizes of RKE Key Fob Pouches:

Part # 7066

Part #7070

Outside Dimension

2.625” wide x 4.25” long

3.25” wide x 4.5” long

Inside Dimension

2.25” wide x  3.5” long

2.75” wide x 3.875” long

RKE  Key Fob Pouch Description

RKE Key Fob Isolation

  • Made in the USA of US materials
  • RKE key fob pouches are made of NovaSelect™ silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric is also used by homeland security and the military organizations for secure communications**. This metal-coated rip stop nylon material is highly conductive and very durable for long lasting protection.
  • Hook and loop fastener closes securely
  • Easily customized and labeled with dealer’s name and logo.

*Trademarks of the respective companies. The use of Supra® company name and/or products does not imply endorsement of Select Fabricators, Inc. or its products.

** RF isolation is one part of a secure communications protocol. Please make sure your operation is in compliance with all sections of the protocol.