RF Isolation Key Fob Pouch For Consumer Use

Select Fabricator’s  RF Isolation Key Fob Pouches can be used to keep your vehicles secure, preventing car thieves from intercepting key fob transmissions.

Investigators believe that the suspect(s) may have access to electronic devices which can compromise an SUV’s security system…”- Toronto Police

Some researchers believe a simple amplifier can pick up a weak signal from a wireless key fob and amplify the signal enough to gain entry. Keep your car safe from savvy thieves with Select Fabricators’ RF Isolation Key Fob Pouch. Select Fabricators’ key fob pouches also block undesired signals from duplicate keys when in proximity to a vehicle.

“Hey thanks. This thing really works. I bought a new Escalade with the electronic key and I therefore could not leave an extra hidden key in the truck – but now with your product I can.”- Customer in California

“I tested it by putting my key fob in the sleeve, then pressing each button while I stood next to my car. Blocked all signals, as advertised.” – Ben,  January 7, 2016.


Select-A-Shield Key Fob Pouch Description

  • Made in the USA of US materials
  • Base material is NovaSelect™ silver / copper / nickel RoHS compliant fabric.
  • Conductive hook and loop fastener closes securely.
  • Durable and water resistant covers are available.

Part #7070

Outside Dimension

3.25” wide x 4.5” long

Inside Dimension

2.75” wide x 3.875” long

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Select Fabricators has a larger size RF Isolation pouch for multiple key fobs and smartphones. With the same construction as the key fob pouch, the smartphone pouch has an interior dimension of 5.125 x 7.625 inches. To order click here.

Customer Testimonials

  1. “Works great!! My key fob fits in the pouch with room for the other keys on my key chain, but it’s not too big to carry in my purse. Stood next to my car with the fob in the pouch and could not open the door. So happy to have found this — at such a reasonable price to boot!” – N.W
  2. “I bought a 2015 Mustang, and although it’s a manual, and less likely to be a target because of that, I was aware that thieves could easily steal my car because of the passive RF signal being sent out at all times by the latest Ford key designs.
  3. “I tested this bag multiple ways. First was the keyless entry from a distance. I was unable to unlock it, or lock it, or open the trunk. The bag blocked the signals. Second was the proximity keyless entry. On many new cars, you put your hand in the door handle with the key in your pocket, and it unlocks. With the key in my pocket, but still in the bag, the door would not unlock. Additionally, the push-button locking mechanism on the door handle, which works on the same principle as the unlock, did not work. Finally, I got in my car, put the key in the bag, and attempted to start the car. The car would not start, and the dashboard message clearly said “Key Not Detected.” This bag effectively blocks all RF signals. If you have heard of car thefts in your area, especially newer models, and are worried your vehicle may be susceptible to this kind of attack, I recommend this bag for both your personal keys, and your spare keys.” – M.H.
  4. “I just ordered 2 more of them from Amazon … your bags have worked flawlessly for us. We are using them in lock boxes in our trucks to hold a spare key fob. Already saved one of my guys who broke his fob while on a remote job. We would have lost ½ a day had we not had a spare fob in the truck…”