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usa_made_logo_web2 Simple and Secure Data Extraction

As the use of electronic devices grows, the law enforcement community needs to capture, secure and manipulate wireless devices for criminal investigation. SELECT’s forensic RF isolation pouches and bags have been designed to make data extraction simple and secure.

Select-A-Shield RF Isolation Bags and USB Mobile Device Pouches for Law Enforcement

“Digital evidence by its very nature is extremely fragile, especially that found on cell phones. A phone’s contents and the evidence it contains can be affected or even lost any time it is on. Digital evidence has two aspects: the physical components, peripherals, and media, that may contain data, and the data extracted from those sources. Each has associated chain of custody issues.” (Guidelines on Cell Phone Forensics: Recommendations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Wayne Jansen and Rick Ayers, NIST Special Publication 800-101, May 2007).

In the Electronic Crime Scene Investigation – A Guide for First Responders, (U.S. Department of Justice, DOJ01) the issue is addressed directly

Securing and Evaluating the Scene – Steps should be taken to ensure the safety of individuals and to identify and protect the integrity of potential evidence….

Evidence Collection – Collect traditional and digital evidence in a manner that preserves their evidentiary value”

The SFP1218 Forensic USB Pouch gives the law enforcement community the means to secure and manipulate wireless devices. The USB 2.0 connection included on the input/output plate allows the connection of a secured device to a forensics computer or extraction device in the field or in the lab. The USB 2.0 connection also supports most of the existing data extraction units available to the law enforcement community.

The SFP1218 can connect with any portable wireless device including smartphones and tablets utilizing a capacitive sensing touch screen. The wireless device can be manipulated through the screen without compromising the evidence. SELECT has worked with a number of data extraction companies, including HTCI, .XRY and Paraben products to create device manipulation while isolating the device.

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