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At Select Fabricators, we are committed to delivering top-notch quality to our customers. In today’s age, where misinformation can easily spread, we prioritize transparency above all else.

While we proudly state on our website that each of our tents undergoes rigorous testing, we knew that words alone wouldn’t suffice. So, we decided to go beyond the statistics. After much brainstorming, we realized that a video showcasing our testing procedures would be the most effective way to convey our dedication to quality and give our customers a behind-the-scenes look at the real, concrete testing process that ensures the performance of our enclosures before they are shipped.

RF/EMI Shielded Enclosure Testing

Throughout the duration of the video, one of our engineers takes you through every step of the process: From setting up DRG Horn antennas and transmitters, to selecting test frequencies across various ISM bands, such as 915 MHz, 2.45 GHz, and up to 18 GHz, you’ll witness our meticulous approach as we measure open values, noise floors, and perform thorough test measurements.









With the tent fully sealed using our patented magnetic strip system door, our engineer carefully records data at each stage, ensuring accuracy and reliability. We repeat this process, moving the antennas to test each wall and penetration areas inside and outside of the tent.

Brian Smith, our Director of Engineering at Select Fabricators, shares this commitment. He brings nearly 25 years of experience in the RF shielding industry and is constantly amazed by what our Nova Select™ metallized fabric can achieve in providing unique shielding solutions.

Unlike other tents that typically shield at 50-60 dBm, our enclosures provide impressive shielding effectiveness, reaching up to 85-90 dBm. This video serves as tangible proof of our claims, backed by real empirical evidence and a commitment to providing the most effective shielding possible.

Brian states, “It has been paramount to have the proper test equipment to perform shielding effectiveness testing to ensure our solutions meet the same performance levels as the data compiled from the third-party test labs that we work with. I see most of our competitors publishing testing data for the fabric which doesn’t consider the construction, door closure, ventilation system and IO port penetrations.  Being able to test the finished enclosure, including all the penetrations, to the IEEE-299 testing standard in house allows us to innovate to future performance needs and gives our customers a solution that performs to their exacting shielding requirements.”

We take shielding effectiveness seriously and stand by the real-world statistics we provide. Our video showcases the rigorous testing and high standards we uphold in every enclosure we deliver. Subscribe and like our channel, Select Fabricators YouTube Channel to stay updated and to have full, continued access to this testing video. Also, be sure to fill out our Custom Enclosure Request form to experience maximum shielding effectiveness.

With Select Fabricators, you’ll receive quality items that offer quality shielding, each and every time.

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