• 5 EMI RF Shielded Room Design Considerations

    As budgets continue to be scrutinized, design engineers and managers are looking into semi-permanent, temporary or mobile enclosure options including hard-wall relocation, modular units, and soft-sided tent enclosures. Here are five design requirement considerations for fabric-based EMI RF shielded room enclosures: 1. Existing Space: Will an existing structure be used to house an RF EMI […]

  • Cleanroom RF / EMI Shielded Enclosures

    Many products require RF/EMI testing to be conducted in a cleanroom environment ranging from large satellites to small chips, components or subassemblies. Contamination control often requires an RF/EMI shielding enclosure that has been processed in an appropriate certified cleanroom. When using a RF/EMI shielding test box, pouch, curtain, or tent for testing inside a cleanroom, […]

  • RF Shielding Covers for Electronics Equipment Racks

    Electronics Equipment Racking is widely used in server rooms, telecom data switch¬†and warehouse centers, product development labs, and more. RF interference in these densely packed equipment rooms can be problematic for some applications. RF isolation can also be a challenge, particularly when conducting product development testing in a room full of racks of electronics and […]

  • Preventing Electronic Eavesdropping When Traveling Using Portable RF Isolation

    In our highly mobile society, RF Shielding is a critical component to Secure Communications*. Computer equipment, including keyboards and terminals, give off RF emanations that can be captured from adjacent hotel rooms and offices, thus requiring security protocols for traveling diplomats, government officials, military personnel, and business people. Access to a secure communications chamber is […]

  • RF Isolation Enclosures for Oversized Applications: The Big RF Tent

    RF / EMI testing of aircraft and large electronic intensive military vehicles can be a three ring circus, posing unique product development challenges. The Big RF Tent is an affordable way to reduce large capital outlays constructing oversized permanent RF / EMC testing chambers, and the complex logistics and time delays using off site testing […]

  • RF / EMI Shielding in Manufacturing and Quality Control

    RF / EMI interference can be a significant challenge in manufacturing and quality control for electronic and wireless parts, products, and sub-assemblies. When manufacturing wireless and electronic chips, parts, or finished product, the device often needs to be activated for quality and process control checks, offering numerous challenges. To assure radio frequency signals are attributable […]

  • RF / EMI Shielding in Product Development

    Product development for wireless and electronics encounters a number of RF / EMI Shielding challenges for products and parts of all sizes and applications. RF isolation is key to test and calibrate the product and components at various stages of development, free from RF interference. RF interference comes from external sources like cell towers or […]

  • RF Shielding Issues in Wireless and Electronics Product Companies

    RF interference, the need for RF isolation, and RF signal compliance are common challenges for companies developing and manufacturing wireless and electronic products. RF shielding is inherent in the design of the product itself to be compliant with FCC regulations, but RF Shielding is also critical to process effectiveness in key business functions including product […]