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Recent Developments in EMC Legislation

The July 2019 issue of Evaluation Engineering Magazine featured an excellent article on the recent updates to Electromagnetic Compatibility legislation made by the FCC and the move in compliance to replace the Verification and Declaration of Conformity by the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity. This is a significant step forward in compliance and pre-compliance testing that mimics the EU Directives. With the increased responsibility on the manufacturer for their product to maintain a device that does not interfere with other products and services, it is becoming more important to do in-house EMC and RF Testing in order to ensure compatibility and compliance. The article’s author states that U.S. Manufacturers will find the following benefits (minus the accounting benefits) in conducting in-house immunity emissions testing

Actual benefits include:

  • The ability to test during design/development phases, with consequent avoidance of later revisions and re-tests
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • No delays caused by lack of test lab availability
  • Travel and transport costs avoided
  • Increased EMC expertise and capabilities as staff become practiced at EMC testing and evaluations

Self/in-house testing can prove to be very beneficial from a time and monetary standpoint – but purchasing the right RF / EMI shielded enclosure or chamber can assist your team reducing time to market at a cost-benefit. However large your DUT is, SFI’s team can help guide you in designing an enclosure that will fit your budget, work/lab space, and schedule.

We suggest you read the entire article and call or email us at to receive custom pricing for a new RF/EMI Chamber designed to fit your exact needs.

SFI has four construction types that range from -60 to -65dB to -85 to -100+dB on average. Options on our patented RF shielded enclosures include but are not limited to: fire-resistant coverings, ESD Lining, Custom I/O Filter Plates for Power/Ethernet/Data/Coax, HVAC, Lighting, and portability upgrades.

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