RF/EMI Shielded Pouches

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Choose between multiple sizes of lightweight high-performance RF / EMI Shielded Pouches constructed with Select Fabricators’ high-end NOVA™ fabric.

  • Sizes for cell phones, laptop computers, tablets, drones, GPS, or other electronic devices.
  • Double Rollover Closure with durable black sports nylon cover.
  • Custom sizes available upon request.

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RF Shielded Pouches secure portable electronics from RF & electromagnetic interferences or emissions. Lightweight and flexible, these pouches are made to attenuate and reflect signals from entering or leaving electronic devices. Select Fabricators’ RF / EMI shielded pouches are made in the USA with a double layer conductive silver/copper/nickel NOVA™ fabric. The base material has an average shielding effectiveness of -90dB in the range of 30 MHz to 18 GHz.


Field tests have shown 99.99% average signal attenuation. These pouches are built to last and can be used repeatedly with minimal shielding degradation.

  • Standard sizes for many electronic devices are available. Our table below can help you determine which pouch is best for your application.
  • Custom sizes from 1.5” x 3” to 48” x 48” can be designed to fit your specifications –
Part #Interior Dimensions
(Width x Length in inches)
7070SN (Key Fob)3.25” W x 4.5” LCar key fob, digital currency hard wallet, credit cards
RFSP-CELL-X2SN3.875″W x 6.625″LiPhones, most mobile/cell phones
RFSP-SMART-X2SN5.125″W x 7.625″LLarger mobile/cell phones
RFSP-PDA-X2SN6.25″W x 7.625″LMultiple mobile/cell phones, passports, GPS navigation units
RFSP-TABLET-X2SN9.5″W x 12.625″LTablets, iPads, Kindles, RFID tagged documents
RFSP-LAPTOP-X2SN16″W x 12.625″LLaptops, multiple wireless devices, WIFI routers
RFSP-NOTEBOOK-X2SN16″W x 14.625″LLarger laptops, multiple wireless devices, small PCs or PC hardware

The following options are available for any of our RF/EMI Shielded Pouches:


  • Flame retardant/resistant liner
  • ESD liner to provide static control
  • Exterior covers
  • RF Shielded Windows
  • Clear plastic pocket
  • Hanging loop
  • Custom I/O filter plates

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EMC Testing


RFID Isolation

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