Larger Notebook – RF / EMI Shielded Pouch


SFI’s notebook-sized Faraday pouch fits larger laptop sizes or multiple smaller devices. All RFSP-Notebook-X2 bags are designed to assist law enforcement, government, military, private investigators, and engineers in the safeguarding, transport, analysis, and storage of the data on their devices.

  • Lightweight, flexible, high-performing RF / EMI Shielding Pouches
  • 16” Width x 14.625” Length
  • Double Rollover Closure with durable and attractive royal blue sports nylon cover
  • Portable devices – Laptops, tablets, smart phones and portable GPS units  

Shielded Pouches Product Download



SFI pouches secure portable transceivers from RF & microwave interference and/or emissions. Lightweight and flexible, these pouches are made to attenuate and reflect signals from entering or leaving electronic devices. Our RF / EMI shielded pouches are made in the USA with a double layer conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant material. The base material has an average shielding effectiveness of -90dB in the range of 30 MHz to 1 GHz .

  • Pouches are built to last and can be used repeatedly with minimal shielding degradation.
  • Standard sizes for many electronic devices are available.
  • Custom sizes from 1.5”x 3” to 48” x 48” can be designed to fit your specifications.
  • Options: clear plastic pocket, hanging loop, sports nylon exterior layer, RF shielding window for ventilation and/or visibility, and custom I/O connector plates.