RF/EMI Shielded Curtains

Custom produced EMI curtains allow easy deployment and storage.

RF / EMI shielded curtains are ideal for RFID Isolation, pre-compliance testing, secure communications, and temporary shielding situations in a customizable and lightweight design. The EMI Curtain or strip curtains can be used to create your own unique shielding environment. Design projects include shielding windows from radiofrequency waves, isolating personnel & equipment from electromagnetic exposure, safeguarding radar assemblies with EM reflective covers, and improving RFID scan accuracy using shielded strip curtains mounted outside scanner tunnels on an assembly line.

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  • All curtains are made in the USA
  • Customized to your dimensions and specification

Manufactured using Select Fabricators’ US made, RoHS compliant, conductive NOVA Select™ fabric in order to provide the highest shielding effectiveness. Double Wall construction of NOVA Select™ fabric will provide shielding effectiveness of -85 to over -100dB on average from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.

Construction is available in Single Wall and Double Wall design as well as protective and flame-retardant outer coverings.

Shielding Effectiveness

Below is the IEEE® 299 standard test of a walk-in tent performed by an independent laboratory.


Select Fabricators has the ability to add the following options to all RF / EMI Shielded Curtains:


  • Single Wall or Double Wall design
  • Flame retardant/resistant options
  • ESD liner to provide static control
  • Sound reduction/absorbing lining
  • Exterior covers for outdoor deployment

Mounting Options:

  • Series 8000—Ceiling Mounted Roller Track
    • Made from extruded 6063 aluminum with commercial clear coated Silver Satin finish with carriers, end stops, and other accessories for a complete, operational track system. Nylon parts are extremely durable and will not rust or break. All nylon parts have UV inhibitors.
    • Extruded aluminum track channel (1 3/8″ x 1 3/16″) Track channel is either curved or straight in continuous lengths up to 16 feet
    • 90° & 45° bends: Bends have an approximate 12” radius
  • Series 7000—Freestanding and Ceiling Mounted Roller Track
    • Beam or Chain Support Mount: Attaches to a beam or any member immediately above the top level of the curtain
    • Ceiling Mount: Attaches directly to ceiling or any flat horizontal surface directly above the curtain
    • Floor Column (Free Standing): Permits erection of screens in any area
    • Threaded Rod Bracket: Use when no easily accessible structures are near the track. Threaded rod attaches to the ceiling heights significantly above the track system’s
    • Wall Mount: Attaches vertical surfaces. May be used with other mounting techniques
    • Beam Flange Connectors: Allows attachment to roof truss sections, beams, and channels. Secured with edge clamps and set screws
  • PSA Backed Hook and Loop: Allows attachment to any surface
  • Magnetic attachment options


  • Pelican storage cases
  • Shipping cases
  • Airline compatible travel cases
  • Frame cases


  • Modular design options
  • RF / microwave absorbing foam
  • I/O filter plates
  • Custom engineering/design of enclosure

RFID Isolation


EMC Testing


Secure Communications