RF/EMI Anechoic Tents/Enclosures

Customize your Portable RF/EMI Shielded Enclosure to include anechoic foam or absorber. Fully or semi-anechoic option are available.

These high-performing soft wall enclosures are designed to offer a high attenuation and radio frequency and electromagnetic interference absorbing option for your testing needs. Anechoic foam and absorber options are ideal for isolating devices for testing and are available at a fraction of the cost of fully manufactured solid-wall anechoic chambers while eliminating the need to engineer a new permanent location.

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General Specifications

Select Fabricators’ anechoic chambers are engineered using Select Fabricators’ US made, RoHS compliant, conductive NOVA Select™ fabric and double (US No. 8,530,756) or single (US No. 9,029,714) patented door seal systems. Our fabric, combined with our patented door system and absorbing foam allow these RF/EMI shielded tents and chambers to deliver maximum isolation. (Double Layer Enclosure Shielding Effectiveness: -85 to -100 dB on average from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.)

  • All enclosures are made in the USA
  • Standard sizes are available – we can produce any custom size as well
  • All enclosures come with:
    • Standard size patented double magnet door size: 40” x 70”
    • Heavy duty tarp flooring to protect the conductive floor
    • Protective tent carry/storage bag
    • Frame style of your choice
    • Shielding Effectiveness Certificate
    • Complete assembly instructions
    • One-year limited warranty
External Frame Styles

Manufactured using Select Fabricators’ US made, RoHS compliant, conductive NOVA Select™ fabric and double (US No. 8,530,756) or single (US No. 9,029,714) patented door seal system in order to provide the highest shielding effectiveness for a RF / EMI shielded tent on the market. Double Wall construction of NOVA Select™ fabric will provide shielding effectiveness of -85 to over -100dB on average from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.

Select Fabricators has contracted independent laboratories to perform the IEEE® 299 standard test on a complete assembled system including installed components operating under typical conditions at various frequencies measured through the tent wall at multiple locations in the tent.

  • Series 100*: Portable easy-up steel frame (5-minute deployment)
  • Series 500: Semi-permanent round heavy-duty aluminum frame (15-30-minute deployment)
  • Series 300: Semi-permanent / permanent rectangular heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame (60-minute deployment)

*Only available for standard footprints listed below (L x W):

  • 4’ x 4’
  • 7’ x 7’
  • 9’ x 9’
  • 9’ x 14’
  • 9’ x 19’
Shielding Effectiveness

Below is the IEEE® 299 standard test of a walk-in tent performed by an independent laboratory.

Options and Connectors

The following options are available for any of our RF/EMI Shielded Enclosures:


  • Flame retardant/resistant liner
  • ESD liner to provide static control
  • Sound reduction/absorbing lining and sound masking systems
  • Exterior covers for outdoor deployment
  • Vestibule entrance
  • Zero-threshold door
  • Custom size door
  • Shielded Windows


  • Pelican storage cases
  • Shipping cases
  • Airline compatible travel cases
  • Frame cases


  • RF / microwave absorbing foam
  • I/O filter plates
  • EMI hardened lights
  • In-house or independent IEEE® 299 (1-18 gHz testing of completed enclosure)
  • Custom engineering/design of enclosure

I/O Plate Filtered Connectors:

  • AC Power
  • DC Power
  • 1G and 10G Ethernet
  • USB: 2.0, 3.0, and C-Speed
  • DB9
  • DB15
  • DB25
  • HDMI 1.4
  • SMA
  • BNC
  • N-Type
  • ST/ST
  • TNC
  • RJ11
  • Custom waveguides

EMC Testing


Wireless Device Testing


Secure Communications