Inflatable RF/EMI Shielded Tents

Custom Inflatable RF/EMI Shielded Tents from 3x5x7 to 9x9x7 allow rapid set up and breakdown for quick deployment when and where RF Shielding is required.

As an affordable alternative to traditional hard wall chambers, SFI’s soft wall enclosures match shielding effectiveness in comparison while offering quicker and easier set up than the traditional RF/EMI Shielded enclosures. Our Lightweight Air Berm Frames can be inflated using supplied electric air pump with locking connector or with compressed air using air filler hose, including a high-pressure relief valve.



Inflatable RF Shielded Tent Product Download


  • All enclosures are made in the USA
  • Standard sizes are available – we can produce any custom size and door size as well
  • All inflatable enclosures come with:
    • Standard size patented double magnet door size: 32” x 62”
    • Heavy duty tarp flooring to protect the conductive floor
    • Protective tent carry/storage bag
    • Frame style of your choice
    • Shielding Effectiveness Certificate
    • Complete assembly instructions
    • One-year limited warranty

Manufactured using NovaSelect™ silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric and single door (US Pat. No. 9,029,714) or double door (US Pat. No. 8,530,756) patented seal system to maximize isolation and provide the highest shielding effectiveness for a RF / EMI shielded tent on the market. Made in the USA with Berry Compliant conductive fabric, SFI’s RF/EMI Shielded Enclosures’ exterior fabric walls, NovaSelect™ fabric, have an average shielding effectiveness of over -90 dB in the range of 20 MHz to 40 GHz.

Although every enclosure is made to order, we do offer the following standard sizes:

  • 3’x5’x7’
  • 5’x5’x6’6”
  • 6’x7’x7’
  • 7’x7’x6’6”
  • 9’x9’x6’6”

Below is the IEEE® 299 standard test of a walk-in tent performed by an independent laboratory.

Select Fabricators has the ability to add the following options to all RF/EMI Shielded Enclosures:


  • Flame retardant/resistant liner
  • ESD liner to provide static control
  • Sound reduction/absorbing lining
  • Exterior covers for outdoor deployment


  • Pelican storage cases
  • Shipping cases
  • Airline compatible travel cases

I/O Plate Filtered Connectors:

  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • SMA
  • BNC
  • N-Type
  • Fiber Optics


  • Custom size door
  • Shielded windows
  • Single or double layer of shielding fabric
  • RF/microwave absorbing foam
  • I/O filter plates
  • EMI hardened lights
  • Custom engineering/design of enclosure
  • Sound masking systems
  • EMC Testing
  • Secure Communications
  • RF Isolation
  • Wireless Device Testing

Our closure system on all RF/EMI shielded enclosures and RF shielding Faraday tents is manufactured using NovaSelect™ silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric and utilizes our patented single door (US Pat. No. 9,029,714) or double door (US Pat. No. 8,530,756) seal system. The double magnet strip closure delivers maximum isolation.

See graph below for results of our Magnet Door system versus a Velcro system:

Airline checkable inflatable frame option available:


  • Pump
  • Tent itself
  • Inflatable/Deflatable tent frame
  • I/O and ventilation

Able to be checked with all airlines. Under 50 pounds for transportable shielding.