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Preventing Electronic Eavesdropping When Traveling Using Portable RF Isolation

In our highly mobile society, RF Shielding is a critical component to Secure Communications*. Computer equipment, including keyboards and terminals, give off RF emanations that can be captured from adjacent hotel rooms and offices, thus requiring security protocols for traveling diplomats, government officials, military personnel, and business people. Access to a secure communications chamber is not always practical and best practices include portable RF Shielding Tents to provide secure communications to prevent electronic eavesdropping while traveling.

As electronic eavesdropping equipment becomes more readily available, security for highly sensitive communications becomes critical for more and more situations. Best practices for Emission Security (EMSEC), used by senior government officials and the military may be well advised for corporate executives dealing with top secret product launches and highly confidential business transactions vulnerable to corporate espionage or securities manipulation.

Faraday tent with external vestibule

High Attenuation Certification

Computer terminals use electronic beams scanning the screen to trigger phosphors and are vulnerable to amplifiers that can read and reproduce the image. RF emanations from internal circuitry can be read remotely as well for LED flat screens, terminals, laptops, and keyboards.

Portable RF Shielded Tents made from metalized fabric. create a Faraday Cage that reduces the RF signals escaping the tent. The strength of the RF signal received varies with distance, so an adjacent hotel room or office could be highly vulnerable. High attenuation tents are designed for maximum signal leakage reduction in close proximity. These highly engineered metallized tent systems can be room sized with air-conditioning, power, cable adaptors, and filters to prevent signal leakage while allowing in / out communications. Vestibule door design allows entry and exit while maintaining security. Easy up tent frames and hard carrying cases facilitate portability and shipping for use in multiple locations.

Faraday Shielding Effectiveness

High attenuation RF EMI shielding double layer tent enclosure with internal vestibule tested to IEEE-299® test standard.

To assure the RF enclosure meets specific shielding requirements, suppliers’ data on shielding effectiveness should be carefully scrutinized to assure it meets minimum shielding requirements. Third party testing may be warranted and should measure minimum shielding effectiveness readings achieved on the fully assembled enclosures through the tent wall at different locations within the tent at different frequencies.

Properly configured and specified, portable RF shielding tents can provide needed security for highly sensitive communications while allowing mobility and travel.

  • RF isolation is one part of a complete secure communications protocol. Please make sure your operation is in compliance with all sections of the protocol.
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