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Have you ever wondered how you could safeguard your current space against RF threats? 


Select Fabricators has created a tailored solution for you:

RF/EMI Shielding Ceiling Tiles.


Select Fabricators’ RF/EMI Shielded Ceiling Tiles are expertly crafted from high-quality 5 mil aluminum foil. Aluminum has highly conductive properties which allows the metal to be one of the most practical and effective methods to shield and protecting against unwanted radio frequency signals and electromagnetic interference. These RF Shielded Ceiling Tiles are specifically designed, engineered, and produced to allow the end user to quickly modify a lab or office space into an RF Shielded Environment. 


It is important to protect your sensitive information and this solution not only safeguards against electromagnetic interference but ensures optimal signal integrity in diverse environments. SFI’s RF Shielded Ceiling Tiles can be installed in various locations such as your home, in your office, or in your military/governmental space. 


The RF Shielding Tiles can easily be installed by the end user for already constructed spaces. We also offer full-service installation on a case-by-case basis when a full faraday cage/or RF shielded environment is required. In these cases, we pair our engineers with your team to custom design a full RF shielded office, SCIF, or lab space with our RF Shielded Wallpaper, aluminum flooring, and tiles. 


We understand the importance of securing your space from RF Threats or Leaks. Contact our RF Engineers today to customize a solution for your project, and we would be happy to provide you a fast budgetary estimate.



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