Ultrasonic Welding

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Select an economical finishing operation using a solid-state welding process that does not need stapling and/or mechanical fasteners while reducing waste material from self-locking assembly techniques.

Ultrasonic welding (USW) joins two or more pieces using high-frequency vibrations. The vibrations produce heat below the melting point of the specified plastic so the materials are fused together, but not melted. SELECT uses a variety of materials and welding techniques with design specific tooling to bond material together with welds that do not rise above the finished surface of the material.

A wide range of textiles including plastic corrugated materials, can be simply joined using ultrasonic welding. Select product and process designers assist with complete manufacturing and finishing options including assembly, packaging, shipping and storage. Completed units can be assembled or nested reducing shipping expenses usually associated with flat sheets.

  • Weld Size: .95 cm star shape
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm minimum 10.5 mm maximum
  • Materials: All grades of polypropylene

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