Industrial Sewing & Sealing Case Studies

Turn Complex Requirements into Finished Product

Shopping cart liners, transport crate covers, mil-spec canvas bags – what do these all have in common? The creative, precision and get the job done right abilities of the Select industrial sewing team.

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Cart Liners

Elemental? Silver has at least one property unknown to most people. It exhibits anti-microbial behavior. A major meat packer uses carts to transport certain meat products in its processing facility. They wanted to make sure that the contents were not contaminated. Select Fabricators used a silver based anti-microbial liner fabric and layered it with insulation and a durable outer layer which could be industrially cleaned. As they wear out, Select Fabricators makes more and delivers them on-time. Looking for a liner to keep your process moving? SELECT can help!

Transport Covers

An aerospace customer came to us with a request to help them protect a satellite not only from the elements during transport but the design also needed to defend the unit from stray static electricity. Along with precision fitting, other unique requirements for the very large round cover were ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) on one side and waterproof on the other, a system of straps and cinch cords to make sure the cover stayed on during transportation and a tight opening for towing/lifting hooks. Not an off-the-shelf product, but not a problem for Select Fabricators.

Using their experience in making aerospace covers and tarps, SELECT’s sewing team developed customer approved patterns and processes including sewing tests, label creation and placement and quality inspection standards to assure the protection of the satellite while in transit. Contact Select Fabricators the next time your critical electronics need to take a trip.

Mil-Spec Canvas Bags

Can’t be done? Don’t tell SELECT’s sewing team. A very specialized carry bag for the aerospace industry required numerous pouches, cavities, pockets, metal identification envelopes, and a complex carry strap configuration. Prior to choosing SELECT, the customer was turned down by other custom manufacturing operations because the job was deemed too complex.  With a lot of communication between the customer and SELECT sales, quality, production and sewing teams, a design was finally approved that met the exacting specifications that troubled the others. Need to select a new supplier with a ‘can do’ attitude? SELECT is your answer.