Pad Printing

usa_made_logo_web2 Customize with Your Company’s Identity

Pad printing offers great flexibility for customizing and labeling your products with a unique design, logo or message. Pad printing is ideal for printing on irregular surfaces and best suited for smaller imprinted areas.

SELECT’s two color pad printing capability can transfer your 2-D image (up to .55mm) onto a wide variety of substrate materials providing you with a high quality custom or proprietary design solution. Our state of the art equipment is ideal for volume production of small parts as well as tagless labeling on textiles. It can also be used to deposit functional materials such as conductive inks, adhesives, dyes and lubricants.

Technical Applications
  • Private Labeling, product branding
  • Decorative designs/graphics on flexible substrates
  • Medical devices (ex. surgical instruments.)
  • Automotive parts (ex. turn signal indicators, panel controls, etc.)
  • Identification and serial number labels for many applications