Industrial Bags & Covers

usa_made_logo_web2 Flexible, Durable Protection for Most Any Situation

SELECT converts films, laminates, and advanced materials into flexible packaging and products which include: bags, shrouds, tarps, covers, liners and more. Select’s engineering staff will work with your team to meet the requirements of your application. Everything from custom cleanroom bags, to resin liners for manufacturing, to aerospace sensitive equipment covers, to protective packaging for components, Select Fabricators meets most any need.

SELECT constructs flexible, durable protection for industry from covers & shrouds for production equipment, to corrosion resistant gaylord liners, to shipping tarps for sensitive equipment to custom bags and pouches. Liners, covers and tarps can be precision cleaned in SELECT’s cleanroom to IEST CC1246 and NASA STD JPG 5322.1. Select Fabricators employs materials for environmental protection, EMI shielding, dust protection, UV protection and anti-corrosion to make effective shelters for machines and equipment according to customer specifications.

SELECT works with you to create the custom bag that meets your specifications. Custom Bags can be designed and manufactured to provide many useful characteristics such as environmental protection, fluid/particle containment, packaging for sterile products, and storage. Select also produces casket protection products for our strategic partner, Ensure-A- Seal.

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