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In one of the latest editions of In Compliance Magazine an article was written about Pre- Compliance EMI Testing and the importance of passing EMC Compliance Tests your first go around. It’s an excellent article that addresses a lot of the questions customers have when they come to Select Fabricators for, specifically, an RF Shielded Enclosure for RF emissions and immunity tests for pre-compliance purposes.  While the Compliance stage is handled by a third-party-lab – the failure rate at these labs are high enough and costly enough that it makes sense for most engineers to conduct a pre-compliance round of testing in house. Pre-compliance testing saves time and money by discovering potential issues early in the design cycle. Using the proper tools and techniques during pre-compliance testing greatly increases the chance of passing full compliance tests the first time.

Having an RF Shielded Enclosure in your lab would be a significant upgrade to your EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) pre-compliance test setup for several reasons:

  1. Controlled Testing Environment: An RF Shielded Enclosure creates a controlled and shielded environment within your lab. This controlled environment is essential for ensuring that your pre-compliance tests are accurate and repeatable. It helps to eliminate external electromagnetic interference, which can affect the test results. With this controlled setting, you can trust the reliability of your pre-compliance test data and mimic the third-party-facility’s setup.
  2. Versatility and Portability: Many RF Shielded Enclosures are designed to be portable. This portability means you can set up your pre-compliance testing environment in various locations within your lab, without the need for expensive and time-consuming lab bookings or dedicated testing facilities, and dis-assemble and store the RF Shielded Enclosure when testing is complete.
  3. Cost-Effectiveness: Building a dedicated testing facility can be a costly endeavor. RF Shielded Enclosures offer a cost-effective alternative. They allow you to create a controlled testing environment without the high overhead of constructing a specialized facility. This cost savings can make pre-compliance testing more accessible and efficient for manufacturers.
  4. Speed and Efficiency: With a reliable RF Shielded Enclosure, you can quickly identify and address electromagnetic interference issues early in the design phase of your products. This accelerates the product development cycle and reduces the need for costly retests. It also increases the chances of passing formal compliance tests on the first attempt, saving both time and money.

In essence, an RF Shielded Enclosure is a valuable addition to your lab for EMC pre-compliance testing because it provides a controlled, shielded, and versatile testing environment. This controlled environment ensures accurate and repeatable test results, while the portability and cost-effectiveness make the pre-compliance testing process more efficient and accessible. Ultimately, having an RF Shielded Enclosure can significantly enhance your ability to identify and resolve electromagnetic interference issues early in the design phase, leading to more successful compliance testing outcomes.

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