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In the beginning half of 2018, we were approached by Coinbase to help solve a security issue.

The large, rapidly expanding, digital currency exchange that has been disrupting the financial world was in need for a portable, high-attenuation, secure/safe space to conduct key generation for cryptocurrency. In this growing industry, it is becoming more and more important to take the correct steps in security to prove to investors, investment funds, and financial institutions that the exchange is a qualified custodian – and Select Fabricators was asked to assist in this process.

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With surges in prices for digital currencies the past year, the risk for fraud, hacking, and electronic eavesdropping has become higher. This is how Select Fabricators’ Portable High Attenuation RF / EMI Shielded Enclosures become a valuable asset to the digital currency world. Our patented single door with a double row of flexible magnets together with our Nova Select™ fabric and best-in-field craftspeople set our RF / EMI Shielded Tents and Enclosures as the only choice to secure your information and digital currencies while attenuating over -90dB. As recently shown in Wired Magazine, SFI offers many customizable options to fit your exact need. Our RF shielding environment, for example, allows the Coinbase security team to securely process information inside and prevent critical information from escaping into the wrong hands – allowing investors to remain worry-free.

For additional upgrades and options, please read about EMI chamber design considerations here. For all other inquiries, please contact our engineering or sales staff.

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