Cleanroom Assembly & Services

Outsource Your Secondary Cleanroom Operations for Optimum Efficiency

Use SELECT’s clean room and expertise in the prefabrication and/or fabrication of individual pieces as well as assemblies, bags, covers, shrouds or enclosures.

SELECT manufactures and assembles products including covers, components and cleanroom bags for military, aerospace and general industrial applications at our onsite ISO class 7 (class 10,000 cleanroom) and an isolated area which is ISO class 5 (class 100 cleanroom). The cleanroom is equipped with a fume exhaust system as well as a particle measuring system used for the testing of material surface contaminants.

Cleanroom Products and Services

  • Assembly
  • Sealing of flexible materials
  • Kitting
  • Finish Packaging
  • Cleanroom Bags
  • Surface particle testing
  • Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning

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Test Standard
Liquid Particle Testing LP-0002 Ref: IEST STD-CC 1246
Product Cleanliness Levels & Contamination Control Program and
NASA LPG5322.1 Contamination Control Requirements Manual
Seal Strength #/inch ASTM F88
Seal Strength – Air Burst TP-0001 Ref: ASTM F1140
Seal Appearance Visual ASTM F1886
Outgas testing – upon request

Cage Code: 1VB13
Duns #: 003053357
NAICS: 334413
ITAR registered—US Dept. of State—Office of Defense Trade Compliance
Member IEST—Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology