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One of the most popular questions Select Fabricators gets from customers is “Can I add RF Absorber to my Portable RF/EMI Shielded Enclosure?” The short answer is always “Yes” but depending on the absorber type and test setup requirements – the method of installation could vary.

Method 1: PSA Backed Hook and Loop

The most common method of installation SFI uses is adding strips of PSA backed hook to the Enclosure wall. The vertical strips will line up with the RF absorber which will also have bonded loop to the backing in order to secure it to the walls and ceiling. This method is used for mostly lighter microwave absorbers.

Best used with: flat microwave absorber, egg carton shaped convoluted foam absorber, shorter pyramidal anechoic absorber.

Method 2: Internal Frame with Hook and Rail System

Using an internal framing system within the RF/EMI Shielded Enclosure, we are able to use the frame to support heavier/larger absorber styles. A metal basing is applied to the back of the absorber which will then allow a clip and rail mounting technique to use with the internal frame.

Best used with: heavier/taller pyramidal absorber, thicker flat absorber, wedge absorber, ferrite tiles.

Method 3: Mounted Absorber to Engineered Boards

For test methods that do not require a fully or semi anechoic chamber – Select Fabricators have mounted pyramidal absorber to plywood or other types of plastic/metal rigid boards in order to create a movable absorber wall. This method is most commonly used when DUT may move around the space, or a fully anechoic chamber is not needed.

Best used with: any type of RF or pyramidal absorber but the flexibility of a movable wall is necessary.

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