Being the industry’s leader in the designing and manufacturing of fabric RF/EMI shielded enclosures, Select Fabricators has obtained four United States patents. Our patented door closure system, which covers our dual magnet door, creates a strong conductive seal contributing to heightened levels of attenuation.

Select Fabricators also holds the US patent for modular RF/EMI shielded enclosures for large-scale projects. The panelized design offers a long list of benefits including unlimited sizing, flexibility for future expansion and applications as well as cost savings.

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Patents Awarded to Select Fabricators:

US 9,930,816 B2
Mar 27, 2018

US 9,029,714 B2
May 12, 2015

US 8,723,053 B2
May 13, 2014

US 8,530,756 B1
Sep 10, 2013