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About Select Fabricators

Select Fabricators is the leading U.S. manufacturer of RF Shielded Tents/Enclosures. With more than 1500 enclosures produced, we are trusted by users in the government, defense, automotive, and technology industries.

SFI’s USA based manufacturing team is highly skilled, focused on quality, and proud of every product we ship. Our materials are hand chosen and developed to be manufactured in our RF Shielded Enclosures. Exceptional functionality is the deciding factor. Our shielded fabrics offer the highest levels of attenuation. Patented designs combined with innovative construction methods and expertise in RF/EMI shielding allow our RF Tents and RF Enclosures to reach attenuation levels over -100 dB.

We offer different pop-up and semi-permanent frame styles to fit a particular space constraint or application. In addition to our catalog of standard sizes, we offer the option to have enclosures made to custom specifications making for a versatile solution for any unique requirement. Custom options for ventilation, filtered connections, lighting, and more give users a completely integrated shielding solution.

Give us your specifications and we’ll provide a quick quotation for your custom RF Shielded Enclosure that you and your team will be able to use for years.

SAM & ITAR registered, Select Fabricators is ISO manufacturing compliant and adheres to key aerospace and military protocols.