SELECT’s RF/EMI Products Deliver Select-A-Shield™ Assurance

No RF isolation or EMI shielding challenge is too small or too large for Select Fabricators, Inc.

Digital Phone PouchAll Select-A-Shield™ RF/EMI shielding products are flexible and highly conductive.  SELECT offers standard and custom sizes as small as an automobile key fob and as large as room-sized enclosures. Select-A-Shield enclosures, curtains and pouches make it easier to develop, test, produce, and isolate electronic devices.

SELECT offers a full line of over 40 standard models of Select-A-Shield RF/ EMI faraday-cage enclosures including pouches, curtains, tabletop and free-standing enclosures, mobile forensic pouches and forensic enclosures. Options for tabletop and larger soft-wall chambers include lighting, air-conditioning, and I/O plates with a choice of filters/connectors.

Select-A-Shield RF/EMI products are constructed with RoHS compliant, durable, lightweight, Silver/Copper/Nickel, Nova Select™ fabric;  SELECT’s proprietary highly conductive material. This flexible material delivers maximum attenuation averaging -85 dB in shielding effectiveness in the range of 30 MHz to 1GHz and an average of -80 dB of shielding effectiveness in the range of 1 GHz to 10 GHz.

Select-A-Shield RF/EMI products are ideal for numerous applications including wireless device development and testing, secure communications*, satellite communications testing and isolation, EMC pre-compliance, medical and aerospace equipment shielding, cellular and computer forensics and RFID shielding for commercial and industrial settings. Because Select-A-Shield products can be customized to almost any size and options configuration, application suitability is endless.
Corporate Information

Founded in 2000, Select Fabricators, Inc. is the premier US manufacturer of proprietary and custom contract products. SELECT employees excel in the development of RF/EMI product solutions including shielded enclosures, pouches, and curtains; as well as the procurement of state-of-the-art materials, research, design, manufacturing, fulfillment, compliant production to stringent quality standards and complete project management. With capabilities in industrial sewing, heat sealing, ultrasonic welding, pad printing and cleanroom secondary operations, SELECT delivers a wide array of solutions to the aerospace, forensics, homeland security, law enforcement, industrial, medical, military and wireless communications industries.

* RF isolation is one part of a complete secure communications protocol. Please make sure your operation is in compliance with all sections of the protocol.