Select Fabricators Expands International Distribution to Singapore, South Korea and China

Redtec Industries will distribute Select-A-Shield™ products.

Canandaigua, NY USA: Redtec Industries, located in Singapore, has signed an agreement to sell Select-A-Shield RF EMI shielded enclosures and pouches as well as patent pending forensic USB and window touch pouches. RedTec, established in 1998, also has offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai and covers the electronics manufacturing industry in China, South Korea, and Singapore.

Select Fabricator’s products fit well into Redtec’s product mix. Redtec Industries specializes in EMI shielding, absorbing and thermal interface materials used for minimizing electromagnetic interference and solving problems related to electromagnetic waves for products such as mobile phones, PDAs, and personal computers. According to their website,, “We are capable of giving professional advice and solutions on EMI/EMC fields at all times. We are able to supply customized product according to customers’ specification.”

With the rise of global pre-compliance wireless device development and testing as well as the need for mobile forensic device containment and the need for secure communication*, Select Fabricators wide range of Select-A-Shield™ products including tent enclosures and pouches, USB forensic pouches and window-touch pouches are well positioned to meet growing forensic and security needs.

Select-A-Shield RF / EMI products are ideal for numerous applications including wireless device development and testing, secure communications, satellite communications testing and isolation, EMC pre-compliance, medical and aerospace equipment shielding, cellular, and computer forensics and RFID shielding for commercial and industrial settings. Because Select-A-Shield products can be customized to almost any size and configuration, application suitability is endless.

Contact Information

Select Fabricators, Inc.
5310 North Street, Building 5
Canandaigua, NY 14424 USA
+1.585.393.1375 (fax)

Redtec Industries Pte, Ltd.
1 Kaki Bukit Rd. 1
Enterprise One #04-24
Singapore 415934
Phone: +65 6846 7333
Mobile: +65 6846 7555

*RF isolation is one part of a complete secure communications protocol. Please make sure your operation is in compliance with all sections of the protocol.