New Collapsible RF Shielding Wireless Test Boxes

Lightweight, collapsible, high attenuation boxes for space savings

Canandaigua, NY USA: Select Fabricators, Inc. introduces a new lightweight, collapsible RF shielding box designed to facilitate testing of wireless devices for R & D, manufacturing quality control and coverage testing for cellular carriers. The new design utilizes highly conductive fabric and RF absorbing foam that isolates wireless devices and systems from RF and microwave interference. Electronics testing laboratories in the commercial and industrial wireless, automotive, aerospace & defense and military industries will be able to achieve space and cost savings over conventional hard-walled boxes.

New: Fabric Test Boxes for RF Wireless Shielding: Ultra-Lightweight & CollapsibleSelect-A-Shield™ RF Wireless Test Boxes weigh less than three pounds, a fraction of a hard-walled test box.  RF Wireless Test Boxes are simple to collapse for compact storage. The lightweight test boxes can be easily transported in vehicles or totes for on-site testing.

The performance of the new Select-A-Shield Wireless Test Boxes is comparable to Hard Walled test enclosures as well. Average attenuation of -75.3dB in the range of 850 MHz to 5800 MHz was certified in independent testing of a WTP612 Wireless Test Box. Three standard pre-configured I/O plates, as well as custom connector arrays, allow external networking.

Made in the USA, Select-A-Shield RF Wireless Test Boxes’ exterior walls are Nova Select™ conductive silver/copper/nickel RoHS compliant fabric. One-half inch thick RF absorbing foam is covered in durable nylon material creating a box structure which protects the devices being tested from the conductive materials. A complete box is achieved by folding and securing the opening with an integral hook and loop closure system.

RF Wireless Test Boxes Specifications

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