SELECT Announcements

4/2018 – US Patent Awarded for Select Fabricators’ Modular Enclosure Design

Canandaigua, NY USA: Select Fabricators, Inc.’s (SFI) newly patented, large scale EMI / RF shielded test enclosure allows SFI to build modular rooms/enclosures that will shield at the highest levels.

3/2017 – Select-A-Shield™ RF Isolation Pouches New On-Line Ordering

Canandaigua, NY USA: Select Fabricators, Inc. introduces a quick and easy way to order any of its Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouches. Up to 10 units of 14 different styles from key-fob to notebook size can be ordered on-line at the Select Fabricators website.

3/2017 – US Patent Awarded for Select Fabricators’ Operable Interface Shielded Enclosure

Canandaigua, NY USA:  Electromagnetically shielded enclosure includes a tactile interface for viewing and/or operation of a secured electronic device.

12/2016 – SFI Selected as New Participant in the USDOL Sharp Program

Canandaigua, NY USA:  On November 21, 2016, Select Fabricators, Inc. was accepted as a participant in the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) 21(d) Sharp program.

08/2015 – Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board Recognizes Select Fabricators Inc. as August’s Business of the Month

GENEVA, NEW YORK – The Finger Lakes Workforce Investment Board, Inc. (FLWIB) announced today that, Select Fabricators, Inc. is August’s “Business of the Month” recognizing the company’s efforts to build strong community partnerships along with their continuing contributions to the local economy.

07/2015 – Newly Patented Single Door Design for Portable RF Shielded Room

Select Fabricators, Inc. was awarded in May 2015 a US patent for its non-radiating single door, double magnet sealing system.  Part of the complete RF EMI shielding design for Select-A-Shield portable test enclosures, Select Fabricators developed the patented (US Pat. No. 9,029,714) single door system to streamline the production process and reduce the amount of conductive fabric.

10/2014 – Patent Awarded to Select-A-Shield RF Shielded Room Closure System

Select Fabricators, Inc.’s newly patented, non-radiating door closure system is part of the complete RF EMI shielding design for their Select-A-Shield portable test enclosures. Focused on minimizing leakage, improving isolation as well as providing easy entry and exit, SELECT developed the patented (US Pat. No. 8,530,756) double door system. All 16 models of standard Series 100 Select-A-Shield™ RF shielded portable enclosures, as well as custom configured tent systems now, include a standard size 40”W x 54.5”H double door, single magnet door system option.

7/2014 – Upgrade Auto Dealers’ Storage Boxes for RKE

Select Fabricators, Inc. of Canandaigua, NY USA has developed the RKE Key Fob Pouch that fits easily into most auto dealer’s existing key storage boxes preventing remote entry key fobs from unlocking cars. Made of highly conductive materials, RKE Key Fob Pouches block signals from exiting or entering the pouch. Easy to use, these flexible pouches slip easily into key storage boxes, and work with most automobile manufacturers’ remote entry key fobs of varying sizes and shapes

5/2014 – New Collapsible RF Shielding Wireless Test Boxes

Select Fabricators, Inc. introduces a new lightweight, collapsible RF shielding box designed to facilitate testing of wireless devices for R & D, manufacturing quality control and coverage testing for cellular carriers. The new design utilizes highly conductive fabric and RF absorbing foam and isolates wireless devices and systems from RF and microwave interference. Electronics testing laboratories in the commercial and industrial wireless, automotive, aerospace & defense and military industries will be able to achieve space and cost savings over conventional hard-walled boxes.

1/2014 – RF Signal Security Tent Attains -98.9 dB in 800 – 2400 MHz Cellular Band

High RF signal reduction for a Select-A-Shield portable tent enclosure has been certified in recent testing. Results include -98.9 dB average RF signal shielding at commonly used cellular and Wi-Fi frequencies of 800 – 2400 MHz and minimum signal attenuation of -85 dB over a range of frequencies of 30 MHz to 10 GHZ. Select-A-Shield collapsible, portable RF shielded tents are manufactured in the USA by Select Fabricators, Inc.

8/2013 – Select Fabricators Adds New European Reseller, DM Systems, and Test

Respected DM Systems and Test (DMST) chosen to cover UK, Ireland, Channel Island and the Isle of Man. Headquartered in Hertfordshire, UK, DMST is a leading provider of engineering products and services for the EMC, defense and commercial marketplaces.

6/2013 – Redtec Industries Will Distribute Select-A-Shield Products

Redtec Industries located in Singapore has signed an agreement to sell Select-A-Shield RF EMI shielded enclosures and pouches as well as their patent pending Forensic USB and Window Touch pouches. RedTec, established in 1998, also has offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai and covers the electronics manufacturing industry in China, South Korea and Singapore.

5/2013 – Redesigned USB Mobile Forensics Pouch

Select Fabricators, Inc. is enhancing their innovative USB Forensic Pouch making it the highest performing “Faraday bag” on the market.  PAMS tested at 900 MHz; the new pouch delivers over -80dB of RF/EMI isolation.  Ideal for digital forensic evidence collection, this window touch pouch allows for hands-on manipulation of wireless devices in a secure RF tight environment.  With the filtered USB connection, there is no need to take the captured device back to the lab to extract stored data.

5/2013 – All New Window-Touch RF Isolation Pouches for Wireless Device Forensics

Focusing on the growing needs of wireless device forensics, two new Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouches are now available from Select Fabricators, Inc.  Two all new standard size window touch pouches and optional custom size “Faraday bags” can be used to isolate wireless devices and view data without sending or receiving signals, thereby enhancing data security for mobile forensic applications.  SELECT, in listening to market demand, designed these new window touch pouches with high RF shielding performance and large, non-glare touch screens to accommodates a wide variety of mobile devices.

5/2013 – RF Pouch Isolates Wireless Car Entry/Starter Devices from Code Grabbers

Select-A-Shield™ RF shielded key fob pouches are designed to prevent wireless entry devices from sending or receiving signals as well as securing device information. These small, flexible “Faraday cage” bags are increasingly being used by rental car companies, replacement remote key manufacturers and car owners to isolate wireless remote keys from RF access. With the rise in theft reports of keyless entry vehicles, this small, unpretentious pouch is a convenient security deterrent against criminals trying to communicate with a wireless car starter or entry device.

4/2013 – Optional Vestibule in Select-A-Shield™ RF EMI Shielding Tents in Demand for Secure Applications

Select-A-Shield RF EMI Shielded tents are used for everything from pre-compliance testing to secure communications protocols. To assure shielding effectiveness during entry and exit, Select Fabricators, Inc. has developed a vestibule for its Select-A-Shield walk-in enclosures. As with most walk-in enclosures, opening the door can immediately degrade shielding effectiveness resulting in possible data capture compromise or data corruption. With the addition of the Select-A-Shield vestibule, which is integral to the enclosure, the shielding environment is kept intact.

3/2013 – New Select-A-Shield™ weather-resistant RF isolation pouches from Select Fabricators, Inc.

Updated to extend the longevity in isolation kits and outdoor workplaces, Select-A-Shield RF isolation pouches are available with a durable royal blue sports nylon layer. The additional layer provides discrete security as well as preventing signals from entering or exiting wireless devices and now allows usage in all types of conditions including inclement weather.

1/2013 – SELECT’s RF  EMI Products Deliver Select-A-Shield™ Assurance

No RF / EMI isolation challenge is too small or too large for Select Fabricators, Inc. All Select-A-Shield RF / EMI shielding products are flexible and highly conductive. SELECT offers standard and custom sizes as small as an automobile key fob and as large as room-size enclosures. Select-A-Shield enclosures, curtains and pouches make it easier to develop, test, produce, and isolate electronic devices.