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usa_made_logo_web2 Meeting Critical Operations Requirements

SELECT uses its design, collaboration and technical experience in working from specs for specialized military applications to define requirements in order to produce custom products using our proprietary materials.  Large or small projects are treated with the same confidentiality, and quality workmanship.  SELECT’s exacting process and attention to detail insures each project will meet the required compliance.

Select Fabricators covers, RF isolation security tents, pouches and curtains

SELECT has been called on to provide unique applications of its conductive fabric used for RF and EM interference mitigation. One recent contract was to construct a radar shield in a marine application. Not only did the screen have to protect the unit from RF interference, the shield needed to be waterproof. SELECT’s sewing designers worked to provide miniature prototypes for testing before constructing the final large scale product.

Another agency needed a small piece of EMI shielding to ensure the effectiveness of its drones. A small pouch was devised to isolate only the electronics which were vulnerable. Once installed, the unit was able to function properly for the manufacturer’s program.

Standard SELECT products are also able to support field operations. A subcontractor needed to calibrate radar units in vehicles. Using Select-A-Shield™ Portable Enclosures they were successfully able to make adjustments on-site, on-time. Our customer told us “The tent is working very well, and has helped us a great deal! We need to perform measurements on very sensitive radio astronomy receivers at our labs. Any RFI causes the LNAs to saturate, and may even cause damage. Cellular network RFI is the main culprit.”  Contact SELECT to connect with our experts.

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Cage Code: 1VB13
NAICS Codes:
326111 – Plastic Bag & Pouch Manufacturing
334413 – Semiconductor & Related Device Manufacturing
334419 – Other Electrical Component Manufacturing
334511 – Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, Nautical Systems & Instrument Manufacturing
334515 – Instrument Manufacturing for Measuring & Testing Electricity & Electrical Signals