High Attenuation RF Signal Security Tent

Complete Portable RF Emissions Containment System

SELECT’s High Attenuation RF Signal Security Tents are designed to prevent electronic eavesdropping of RF emissions from computer and communications equipment when a military or diplomatic team is traveling and working in hotels, office buildings or in the field. These portable room enclosures are designed for maximum signal attenuation. Emission Security (EmSEC) protocols, formerly TEMPEST, recognize that high levels of attenuation are required to assure close data security from the room next door or the floors above or below.

Easy to set up and dismantle, Select-A-Shield high attenuation tents can fit into hand-carry transit cases for efficient shipping and the ability to be used in multiple locations.

Select-A-Shield High Attenuation RF Signal Reduction TentHigh Attenuation Certification

High Attenuation RFI EMI Shielding tent

High attenuation RF EMI shielding double layer tent enclosure with internal vestibule tested to IEEE-299(r) test standard.

Assure your RF enclosure meets your shielding needs. Suppliers’ data on shielding effectiveness should be carefully scrutinized to assure it meets minimum shielding requirements. Select Fabricators uses IEEE® 299 third party testing to measure minimum shielding effectiveness readings achieved on the fully assembled enclosures through the tent wall at different locations within the tent at different frequencies. This test on Select’s high attenuation tent with internal vestibule resulted in at least a -85.7dB attenuation from 400 MHz to 18GHz when taking measurements through the wall at multiple locations.

Vestibule for Convenient and Secure Entry and Exit

Contain signal leakage with vestibule entryways designed as either an interior part of the tent’s footprint or as an exterior extension from the main tent. Placement of a vestibule is typically in the front right hand corner, but is easily configured to customer requirements. Select-A-Shield High Attenuation RF EMI Tents  with vestibule are portable, collapsible and durable.

Made in the USA of US materials.
Standard Select-A-Shield High Attenuation Portable Tent Enclosures include:
• Multiple layers of NovaSelect™ conductive fabric
• White ESD fabric layer inside tent
• Internal or external vestibule entryway system
• Single (US 9,029714) or  double (US 8,530,756) patented door seal systems
• Series 500 aluminum frame
• High performance power & data filtering
• Complete shielded ventilation system
• RF shielded floor between two layers of heavy duty tarp
• Tent storage and transit bag
• Complete installation instructions

• Motion-detection interior EMI hardened lighting inside vestibule
• LED and EMI hardened lighting
• Cable Sleeves
• Power and data filters configured to customer requirements
• Air-conditioning
• Shielding effectiveness certification to customer specifications by independent test lab
• Components can be configured to fit in secure hardshell transit cases
• Alternative frame styles
• Alternative tent layout configurations to meet customer defined C4ISR specifications
• Shelter for outdoor applications
• Conductive mesh windows
• Vehicle exhaust venting