RF / EMI Shielding Portable Enclosures

RF / EMI Shielded Tent Enclosures Offer Advantages Over Hardwall Structures

Select-A-Shield™ high performing RF  EMI shielded tent enclosures are available at a fraction of the cost of fully welded metal enclosures and provide a solution that is truly portable with on-the-fly setup.  Prototype and pre-compliance testing of electronic and wireless devices, temporary EMI shielding, and secure communications all need on-site and economical shielding. In tune with market needs, SELECT realized the need for portable, high performing RF EMI shielded enclosures.  In response, SELECT developed a US made material to manufacture room-sized enclosures for optimum isolation.

RF / EMI Shielding enclosures from Select Fabricators, Inc.

Select-A-Shield Portable Enclosures

SELECT’s high performing mobile shielded enclosures are the best solution the market has to offer. Designed to be durable, these enclosures will provide years of trouble-free service. Every enclosure includes a standard two year warranty.  Standard sizes from tabletop enclosures to 9’x 19’ x10’ free standing enclosures. Larger custom designed sizes can also be produced to meet your critical specifications.

DBA-SheildEnclosure Construction:

Manufactured using SELECT’s RoHS compliant conductive fabric and patented (US No. 8,530,756) double or patent-pending single door seal systems, these tent enclosures deliver maximum isolation.

  • Double Layer Enclosure SE: -78 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Single Layer Enclosure SE: -66 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz

External Framing

Simple to set up, with lightweight pop-up or semi-permanent frames.

  • Series 100: Easy-up steel frame
  • Series 300: Rectangular heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Series 500: Round heavy-duty aluminum frame

 General Specifications

All enclosures are made in the USA of US materials.

  • Standard sizes and configurations from tabletop to 100’ x 100’ x 60’
  • Custom sizes designed to your requirements
  • Standard enclosure includes
    • 40” x 54.5” door on the length side
    • Cable sleeve
    • Floor: Two layers of heavy-duty tarp material protect the conductive floor.
    • Enclosure Storage Bag: All enclosures come standard with a storage bag for protection when in transit or not in use


Select the options you need to meet your specifications.

  • Cleanroom cleaned in SELECT’s on-site ISO Class 1000 cleanroom
  • ESD white interior liner
  • Frame roller bags and hard plastic transport cases
  • LED interior perimeter lighting or EMI hardened stringed lights
  • Testing of completed enclosure
  • Ventilation and A/C
  • Vestibule
  • Filter boxes with cable sleeves
  • Data and Signal Filter connectors
    • DB 9                            USB
    • DB 15                          Ethernet
    • DB 25
  • Power – AC/DC
    • AC:  90 – 480 volts up to 100 amps
    • DC:  0-100 volts up to 20 amps
Technical Applications
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Pre-compliance Testing
  • Secure Communications
  • Temporary EM / RF shielding
  • LTE-4G
  • Bluetooth
  • RFID
  • Wireless product development and testing