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Mobile device forensics is a rapidly evolving field. Digital Forensic Investigators are encountering an increasing prevalence of mobile devices in a wide variety of cases. Investigators can find stolen data, incriminating communications and more on devices used by rogue employees in the corporate arena, and suspects in civil and criminal cases.

Mobile forensic RF isolation tent enclosures, pouches and bags

Mobile devices can contain details about who was doing what, where and when, so their usefulness as a source of information and evidence in an investigation is important.

Because of the consequences of preserving accurate data, it remains the responsibility of the examiner during their investigation to maintain the credibility of any evidence that may be contained in a wireless device.

As the size and shape of wireless devices evolve and expand, it becomes paramount to properly identify, contain and control their signals.  To respond to this growing concern, Select Fabricators has developed a wide product offering of Select-A-Shield mobile forensic bags.

SELECT’s RF Isolation Tent Enclosures, USB Forensic Pouches and Window or Windowless Pouches block the ability of wireless portable electronic devices to access or transmit cellular signals that can potentially erase or corrupt important evidence.

Our Select-A-Shield™ products are an ideal solution for Mobile Device Forensics, Cyber Forensics, Secure Facilities, SCIFS, and Government Facilities.

Mobile Device Forensics

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