RF EMI Shielding

Select-a-Shield™ RF EMI Shielding Assurance

No matter what your RF / EMI shielding need or configuration requirements, SELECT has the widest array of solutions including pouches, enclosures and curtains at maximum isolation.  Look for our exclusive dB Shield Assurance icon and have confidence that you will get the performance you’re looking to achieve.

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Select Fabricators' RF/EMI Shielding Enclosure

Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Interference (RF and EMI) can make it difficult to develop, test and produce electronic and wireless devices. In field communication security is also paramount. Select-A-Shield RF / EMI shielded pouches, curtains and enclosures can effectively shield your design, testing and communication spaces with the utmost confidence for optimum isolation and protection.

SELECT uses advanced materials and the highest quality production standards in the industry. Our US made, RoHS compliant, Nova Select™ material is a durable, lightweight, Silver/Copper/Nickel plated, rip-stop nylon fabric with high shielding properties. With our 3-D design capabilities and industrial sewing expertise, we can form this highly flexible material into any size and shape creating an almost endless range of ‘Faraday Cage’ applications.

So, when you have a difficult EMI / RF shielding application, Select-A-Shield from our standard offering or we can customize a solution for your specific requirements.

DBA-Sheild RF EMI Shielded Portable Tent Enclosures

Select-A-Shield portable RF EMI tents (patent pending) provide economical, on site versatility at a fraction of the cost of fully welded metal enclosures

  • Double Layer Enclosure SE: -78 dB average from 150 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Sizes and configurations from tabletop to 100’ x 100’ x 60’
  • Options:
    • Selection of lightweight frames
    • Vestibule
    • ESD white interior liner
    • Filter Plate or Cable Sleeve/Filter box
    • Ventilation and A/C
    • Testing of completed enclosure

DBA-Sheild RF / EMI Shielded Tabletop Enclosures

Select-A-Shield Tabletop enclosures are lightweight and uniquely portable

  • Patent pending double magnet door closure system
  • With quick-to-assemble aluminum frames
  • Size Range: 24” x 24” x 24” to 4’ x 4’ x 6.5’
  • (61cm x 61cm x 61cm to 1.12m x 1.12m x 2m)
  • Selection of Filter Plates

DBA-Sheild RF EMI Shielded Curtains

Solve your confined area shielding challenges with custom configured Select-A-Shield panels

  • Made in the USA of US materials
  • Ideal for:
    • RFID Shielding
    • Pre-compliance testing
    • Secure communications

Design Options:

  • Single or Double layer conductive fabric
  • ESD (Electrostatic Dissipative) fabric layer(s)
  • Curtain attachment options:
    • Magnets
    • Grommets
    • Hook & Loop
  • Roller Track System
  • Grounding Straps
  • Copper Foil Tape
  • Clean to IEST-STD-CC1246D
  • RF Shielded Vents

DBA-Sheild RF EMI Shielded Pouches

Select-A-Shield RF/EMI shielding pouches for most any application with performance to rely on

  • Sizes from 1.5”x 3” to 48” x 48”
  • Single or double layer conductive fabric and/or sport nylon covering
  • Prevent electronic devices from logging on to active networks
  • Options:
    • Clear plastic pocket
    • Hanging loop
    • RF shielding window for ventilation and/or visibility
    • Custom I/O connector plates


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