Industries Served

Protecting People, Products and the Environment

Select Fabricators effectively combines materials and processes to match customer requirements from forensic device containment to large scale aerospace covers to emergency service blankets. SELECT serves the industrial, homeland security, death care, aerospace, law enforcement and wireless industries.

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SELECT services include material sourcing, industrial sewing, sealing, precision cleaning, product assembly, drop shipping and more. Select an industry to learn more about our experience and collaborations.

  • Aerospace: Transport covers, RF/EMI enclosures, barrier blankets, cleanroom component assembly
  • Forensics: Wireless device isolation pouches, Wireless device forensics examination bag
  • Homeland Security: Portable RF isolation enclosures, wireless device isolation pouches
  • Law Enforcement: Mobile device forensics examination bag, mobile device isolation pouches
  • Industrial/Medical: Cleanroom product assembly, custom bags for unique requirements
  • Military: Radar screen, portable RF/EMI enclosures for on-site testing and isolation
  • Wireless: Tabletop RF isolation testing units, RF isolation pouches, portable RF/EMI enclosures