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  • Connecting Portable RF Enclosures to Detachable Shielded Floors

    When equipment may be too heavy, sensitive or cumbersome, the use of a temporary, flexible enclosure attached to an existing or assembled ground plane can provide shielding to meet test standards that need -85dB in shielding performance from 30 MHz to 18GHz depending on the enclosure’s construction and filter options. The highly conductive portable system […]

  • Testing 5G Technologies in a Lightweight, Soft Wall, RF Shielded Environment

    Overcoming Space and Budget Constraints: With the intense development in High Tech communications, companies working on the next big system to provide high speed access for an unbelievable range of products find budgets and space availability sparse. 5G testing and development projects need a reliable, affordable and temporary solution to provide a secure RF free […]

  • Taking RF / EM Designs in New Directions

    Often, one design leads to innovations in other areas. Select Fabricators has successfully taken one of its patented designs for the forensics industry and applied it’s principles with great success to wireless technologies testing. Select Fabricators has been able to use its techniques for EM / RF shielding and isolation to design and fabricate wireless […]

  • New Modular RF EMI Enclosure Design

    New, semi-permanent, large scale EMI / RF test enclosure system Select Fabricators, Inc. was presented with a new design challenge in 2015, to build a test enclosure under Mil-Std. 461G-Appendix A that is moveable, lower in cost and weight than a permanent welded shielded chamber, and easy to install.  SFi succeeded in designing a semi-permanent system […]

  • Specialized EM / RF Shielding Test Enclosure Designs

    Vehicle Exhaust, Outdoor Environment, Fire Retardant and Work Center Testing Applications Flexible, portable, high attenuation EM RF shielded environments are in demand for many testing applications. Vehicles of all sizes, can be tested in a RFI / EMI screen rooms with proper intake and exhaust systems. Mobile outdoor RF isolation testing tents can be assembled […]

  • Compatibility in the Capital

    Join Select Fabricators in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada this July and meet with Dan and Brian. They will be in Booth #122. The 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, sponsored by the IEEE EMC Society is the must-attend event for EMC engineers of all levels and specialties. The IEEE EMC Symposium provides knowledge and tools […]

  • Shielded Room Design Considerations – Part 2

    Anechoic Foam, and Ventilation Enhance Shielding Performance When Properly Specified As budgets continue to be scrutinized, design engineers and managers are looking into semi-permanent, temporary or mobile EMI shielded enclosure options including hard-wall relocation and soft-sided tent enclosures. In my previous article 5 EMI RF Shielded Room Design Considerations I talked about five initial design considerations: […]

  • 5 EMI RF Shielded Room Design Considerations

    As budgets continue to be scrutinized, design engineers and managers are looking into semi-permanent, temporary or mobile enclosure options including hard-wall relocation, modular units, and soft-sided tent enclosures. Here are five design requirement considerations for fabric-based EMI RF shielded room enclosures: 1. Existing Space: Will an existing structure be used to house an RF EMI […]

  • Cleanroom RF / EMI Shielded Enclosures

    Many products require RF/EMI testing to be conducted in a cleanroom environment ranging from large satellites to small chips, components or subassemblies. Contamination control often requires an RF/EMI shielding enclosure that has been processed in an appropriate certified cleanroom. When using a RF/EMI shielding test box, pouch, curtain, or tent for testing inside a cleanroom, […]