Meet the Team

The Management Team

Gary Winch Chief Operating Officer

Gary Winch is one of the founding owners of Select Fabricators, Inc. Gary has over 30 years experience in manufacturing operations to include: RF shielding, contract assembly and packaging, medical device assembly and packaging, cleanroom operations, precision cleaning, military packaging and covers for the aerospace industry which enables him to create innovative solutions for extremely challenging projects. He is also well versed in ISO standards and cGMP regulations and is a big proponent of Lean Manufacturing.  A hands-on manager, Gary can often be found on the floor, helping to move projects forward. As a former Fire Chief, Gary knows how to handle both everyday and emergency situations.

David Yearsley, President of Select Fabricators Inc.

David Yearsley  President

David Yearsley is one of the founding owners of Select Fabricators, Inc. In addition to be the President of SELECT, David is also the owner and president of Ensure-A-Seal, Inc. creating casket protection systems for mausoleums. EAS Casket Protectors are made under contract at Select Fabricators. David is named on two U.S. Patents and two Canadian Patents for Casket Protector & Casket Enclosure. David has served as Secretary/Treasurer of the International Memorialization Supply Association/ 2000-2009. David is the author of published articles in several memorialization trade magazines and speaks at numerous regional and state conferences on Mausoleum-Related Concerns.

Sandy Winch  Office Manager

Sandy Winch works to make sure everything needed is in-house when it should be which she stressed as part of her production manager background. She handles Human Resource activity along with performing Accounting functions. She monitors Inventory, Billing, Accounts Payable and Receivable for cost-efficiencies to keep overhead to a minimum and prices low. Sandy makes sure the way is clear for successful project completion by checking credit, filling out necessary paperwork and monitoring performance. Sandy loves flowers and tries to bring the outdoors in her office.

Dan Ramich  Sales Manager

Dan has an extensive background in RF Shielding, Contamination Control, Packaging, and Printing. He has successfully helped clients in the Military, Government, Aerospace, Manufacturing and Services industries for over 20 years. He has a US Navy medal for Expert Pistol Shot. He enjoys playing golf, basketball, and lacrosse but especially watching or coaching his two boys’ teams.

Brian Smith  Technical Sales Specialist

Brian has over twelve years of experience in supporting customers and championing the development of new products for the RF/EMI shielded test enclosure industry.  Brian specializes in making sure that the required solution matches the customer’s needs by implementing the latest shielding or filtering techniques to provide the highest achievable performance.  With his past and current experience in the Mobile Forensics and Wireless Device Design/Test industries he can help you identify the right product solutions.

Kristin Lupien  Production and Sales Support Manager

Kristin Lupien’s background in medical assembly and packaging industries as well as RF /EMI production has made her an integral member of the team.   Her experience in product quotation, all phases of production planning, expediting, customer service and purchasing activities has allowed her to take on an ever-expanding role at Select Fabricators.   Kristin and her son both have earned a black belt in Kuk Sool Won™ martial arts.

Kelvin Wildman  Product Development Consulting Engineer

As a product design engineer, Kelvin has helped develop inventive and innovative consumer and industrial products. The holder of a number of patents, he excels at incorporating the marketing and “voice of” the customer requirements into creating new products or product modifications.  Especially enjoys working with Marketing, R&D, Industrial Designers, Manufacturing, Quality, Vendors and Consultants to bring a product from incubation to the market place.  When not attending his daughter’s music or sporting events he can be found running, bicycling, hiking, backpacking or working on a classic car or motorcycle.

Allison Allmann  Quality Assurance Consulting Manager

Skilled at building strong team environments with open communications and a focus toward continuous improvement, Allison establishes quality systems compliant to AS9100 and cGMP and has worked with Select Fabricators for more than eight years. In her 27 years of experience in QA, project development, material standard development and testing for medical device, ESD, EMI and military manufacturers, Ms. Allmann has set up an ISO 9001 plating facility and developed material coatings with suppliers to meet process requirements.  She’s also established test matrices for physical, chemical and electrical test properties and coordinated, interpreted and reported results from both in-house and outside laboratories and universities. When not hiking on the trail or swimming; you can find Allison training and showing dogs for obedience.