RF Shielding Portable Tent for Secure Communications

Select-A-Shield high-attenuation RF EMI shielded enclosures provide an effective 'faraday cage' that is portable, easy to setup, dismatle, transport and store. Read More

RF Shielding Portable Tent for Secure Communications

Select Fabricators, Inc.

With expertise in textiles, flexible materials, industrial sewing, sealing, and ultrasonic welding, Select Fabricators delivers a wide array of flexible packaging solutions to customers’ specifications, including cleanroom bags and services, industrial covers, tarps and barrier
bags as well as contract product assembly and fulfillment for aerospace, precision packaging, military, security, and industrial customers.

RF Isolation and EMI Shielding:

Select Fabricators Inc. designs and manufactures portable, collapsible, very high attenuation RF EMI shielding tents, curtains and pouches. Designed with state-of-the-art-signal containment fabrics, filters and entryways, SELECT provides both customized and standard products to meet stringent RF isolation and EMI shielding requirements. SAM & ITAR registered, Select Fabricators is ISO manufacturing compliant and adheres to key aerospace and military protocols.